Top 5 Best Calphalon Knife Sets: Which One Would You Pick Up?

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You know what?

Many go for German and Japanese cutlery brands, believing these are more reliable than their counterparts elsewhere, but Calphalon is changing that misconception.

Calphalon, founded in 1963 in Perrysburg, Ohio, is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of home kitchen equipment and appliances.

Ronald M. Kasperzak, the genius behind the brand, first made durable cookware and bakeware after inventing a very special type of aluminum.

With increased demand from professionals and gourmands who love to cook, the company started making kitchen knives that are at par with blades forged in Solingen and Seki.

Listed below are some of the best Calphalon knife sets ever made.

You will be pleasantly surprised at what you will see.

Best Calphalon Knife Sets (Updated List)

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Why Choose Calphalon?

Kasperzak’s remarkable invention of the anodized aluminum is only the beginning of Calphalon’s commitment to innovation.

Their kitchen knife sets highlight an interesting feature: the SharpIN technology.

This refers to ceramic sharpeners that were built in the individual slots of the knife blocks, honing the straight edges of your blades every time you lift them from the block.

They also have blades coated with non-stick material on top of the longitudinal ridges to prevent food from sticking.

Chopping board chores are more efficient with them!

Calphalon also labeled individual knives on the set, specifically on the handle caps.

Rarely done, this smart design is an interesting feature that makes kitchen work quick and easy.

Their customer service is also spot-on – one step ahead of its competitors, to be honest.

If you encounter any problems with an item you ordered from a physical store or online, all you need to do is send them an e-mail and they will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you want an immediate answer to your queries, give them a call.

Check their website for contact details, especially their business hours.

The company also manufactures other must-haves in the kitchen such as garlic presses, cheese slicers, and meat tenderizers.

They have kitchen appliances too – blenders, café-quality coffee makers, and slow cookers.

Their cook and bakeware is the headliner, though, since the company’s founding.

Why go for Calphalon? They have almost everything you’ll need to make your kitchen work like a wonder.

The better question is why go for something else at all?

Product Reviews

Contemporary 17-Piece Cutlery Set (Best Overall)

-32% Sale
Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery 17 Piece Set, Black
  • Set includes 4.5-In. Parer, 6-in. Utility, 7-in. Santoku, 8-in....
  • Blades crafted from high-carbon, no-stain German steel from tip to...
  • Full tang design for better balance and superior strength

Knives included: 8” Chef’s, 8” Slicer, 8” Serrated for Bread, 7” Santoku, 6” Utility, 4.5” Paring, 8 pieces Steak knives, a pair of 10” Kitchen Shears (steel), 10” Honing Rod, and a block

The larger kitchen knives under Calphalon’s Contemporary series are fully forged using a good blend of German steel.

All have full tangs and thick, full bolsters which gives good weight and balance to the whole structure.

Apart from the linear ridge along the bevel to prevent food from sticking to the blade, Calphalon also coated the surface with a non-stick substance to enhance this particular feature.

The smaller steak knives are stamped from solid (unspecified) Asian steel.

Half of the blade’s edge, from the tip, is serrated.

The other half, from the handle’s thin finger guard, has a straight edge.

They used a black polymer resin material for the handles of all the pieces in this set.

Although the steak knives are not full tang, this has the same ergonomic, contoured handle design to match the rest.

The major knives’ handles are labeled at their stainless-steel butts.

This makes choosing a knife easier and faster.

The block is made from lightly-stained maple wood. Unlike other brands’ knife blocks, the slots are horizontal instead of vertical.

Our scores:

  • Sharpness: 9.5/10
  • Handling: 9.5/10
  • Ease of maintenance: 9/10


  • Has all the essential knives plus a Santoku
  • All knives have non-stick blades
  • Simple design – would fit most kitchen motifs


  • No ceramic sharpener on the block (although this lack is replaced with a honing rod)
  • Pricier Calphalon series

Contemporary Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Block (2nd Runner-up)

Calphalon Contemporary Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Knife Block...
  • Set includes 8-in. Chef's knife, 8-in. Bread knife, 7-in. Santorum...
  • Built-in ceramic sharpeners automatically sharpen knives with every...
  • Fully forged, high-carbon, no-stain German steel (steak knives made...

Knives included: 8” Chef’s, 8” Serrated for Bread, 7” Santoku, 6” Utility, 4.5” Paring, 8 pieces steak knives, a pair of Kitchen Shears, and a Block with Built-In Sharpeners

Many of the design details of this set are very much the same as the first collection described.

Except for the steak knives and the shears, all the other blades were fully forged using high-quality and no-stain German-made steel.

It also has full tangs, full bolsters, and have handles made from the same durable polymer resin.

What sets this apart from the first set is the block.

This has vertical slots and is stained with a darker maple wood shade.

It also has the steel plate signifying Calphalon’s SharpIN technology.

The ceramic sharpeners are attached to the block, edging the blade as you pull it out from the slot.

Our scores:

  • Sharpness: 9/10
  • Handling: 9/10
  • Ease of maintenance: 9/10


  • Includes the basic kitchen blades, plus a Santoku
  • Block has a built-in sharpener
  • Darker maple block has a more traditional, elegant feel


  • Blades are not non-stick,
  • Pricier than most Calphalon sets

Classic Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Brown Block (Best for Multipurpose)

-18% Sale
Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening 15 Piece Cutlery Knife...
  • Kitchen knife set includes: 4 1/2 inch Paring Knife, 6 inch Utility...
  • Built in ceramic sharpeners automatically sharpen chef knives and...
  • Forged, high carbon, no stain steel (steak knives made from stamped...

Knives included: 8” Chef’s, 7” Santoku, 2 pieces 6” Utility – one of which has a serrated edge, 4.5” Paring, 8 pieces Steak Knives, a pair of Kitchen Shears and a Knife Block

The knives under the Classic variant are fully forged using a steel blend that mixes durability and resistance to stain and wear.

These have full tangs and thick bolsters that run from the spine to the edge.

The larger blades (Chef’s, Santokus, etc.) are labeled at the steel butt of the handle.

The steak knives, on the other hand, have finger guards instead of bolsters and do not have the labeled silver caps.

The handles are made sleeker and narrower compared to the curvier ones under the Contemporary line.

But because these are triple-riveted to the tangs, these won’t accidentally come off.

The light-colored wooden block has the conventional vertical slots for the knives.

But the most favored feature of this set is its SharpIN technology.

Four slots have been built-in with the ceramic sharpener.

Our scores:

  • Sharpness: 9/10
  • Handling: 8.5/10
  • Ease of maintenance: 8/10


  • More durable, thanks to the full tang and triple-riveted design features
  • Steak knives seem to have been made from the same steel
  • Has the SharpIN technology
  • Most affordable Calphalon knife variant


  • Lacks the serrated knife for bread (the shorter serrated utility blade may have replaced this)
  • The materials for the blade, handle and blocks are not identified.

Classic Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Silver Block (Best for Professionals)

-14% Sale
Calphalon Precision Self-sharpening 15-piece Knife Block...
  • Built-in ceramic sharpeners automatically sharpen knives with every...
  • Fully forged, high-carbon, no-stain German steel. (Steak knives made...
  • Labeled handles for easy identification in the block.

Knives included: 8” Chef’s, 8” Serrated for Bread, 7” Santoku, 6” Utility, 3.5 Paring, 8 pieces Steak Knives, a pair of Kitchen Shears and a Wooden Block

This set is almost the same as the one before it, particularly when it comes to the construction of the blades.

Fully-forged from high-carbon steel, these have full tangs, spine-to-edge bolsters, and comfort grip handle.

The block is also equipped with a ceramic plate for Calphalon’s SharpIN technology.

But unlike the warm, natural wood shade of the other Classic set, this has a more modern feel thanks to the grey (almost silvery) stain.

This matches the overall steel look of the blades.

Instead of the black polymer resin triple-riveted to the tang, this has grey, contoured handles.

Our scores:

  • Sharpness: 9/10
  • Handling: 9/10
  • Ease of maintenance: 9/10


  • Has all the basic knives
  • Highlights the SharpIN tech
  • Low-priced Calphalon variant


  • Construction and design details aren’t specified

Precision Self-Sharpening 15-Piece Block (Best for Durability)

-33% Sale
Calphalon Classic Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel 15-Piece...
  • Full stainless steel knife construction
  • Full tang. Knives stay sharp for a Lifetime
  • Built in ceramic sharpeners automatically sharpen knives with every...

Knives included: 8” Chef’s, 8” Serrated for Bread, 7” Santoku, 6” Utility, 4.5” Paring, 8 pieces Steak Knives, a pair of Kitchen Shears and a Knife Block

Calphalon’s Precision blades are forged from high-quality German steel – durable, stain-resistant, and extremely sharp.

All the knives – even the ones specifically for steak – have full tangs which extend to the end of the handle.

The sleek and narrow handle curves downwards near the butt, allowing you a controlled grip.

Instead of flat silver buttons as rivets, the black polymer material wrapped around the tang has a silver rectangular detail in the middle.

And just like all Calphalons, these are labeled at the butt or cap.

The walnut-stained block is outfitted with the Sharp-IN ceramic plate on the top row.

Our scores:

  • Sharpness: 8.5/10
  • Handling: 8.5/10
  • Ease of maintenance: 9/10


  • Has all the essential knives and a Santoku
  • Addition of the SharpIN technology
  • The steak knives have the same construction and design details as the larger ones


  • This is the most expensive of all Calphalon variants


Where is Calphalon based?

Calphalon is a US-based company.

Where is the steel used made?

Some of the steel for their blades are manufactured in China since they do outsource the manufacture of their materials.

Are all knives labeled?

The larger knives are. Some of the steak knives are not.

Can the SharpIN ceramic plate be bought separately?

No. These are built in the knife block.

Are the sets backed by a money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty?

Yes. If the defect or damage is from the factory, the items can be returned within 60 days. All Calphalon knives are given a limited lifetime warranty


A cook, they say, is only as good as the tool they use.

So whether you’re a humble home cook or a celebrated chef in a professional setting, having a decent knife set that you can rely on for a lengthy period is a must.

Any of Calphalon’s sets mentioned above will be a great addition – asset, even – to your kitchen.

The truth is, rarely will you find a company that has such innovative use of technology.

And it deserves a place in your life.

Last Updated on August 18, 2021

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