Can You Put Chef Knives in the Dishwasher?

Chef knives should not at all be put inside the dishwashers because it will harm your knife to the point that it will not function as required. Dishwashers ensure fast and effective washing of dishes and cutlery saving you a great deal of effort but is not advisable to be used to clean chef knives.

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Putting your knife in a dishwasher will subject it to moisture and high temperatures which can severely damage the handle and steel, especially if the blade is made of carbon steel or has a handle made of wood. This will severely damage your chef knife to the point that it may not function effectively.

A dishwasher jets water to the dishes in it with a high pressure which makes the knife to knock against other dishes. This process will cause damage to the edge of the knife making it blunt and unable to effectively cut anything.

When a knife gets blunt after every washing, you will be forced to sharpen it every time which is not only time consuming, but will also make the blade to wear out, and you will be shopping for a knife again sooner than expected.

There is also the element of detergents used to clean utensils in a dishwasher. These detergents are not friendly to chef knives because they make them blunt and even discolor them. Do not put your chef knife in a dishwasher in order to protect it from any possible damage.

You should also know that a knife can scratch other utensils especially plastics and enamel and may even damage them. Dishes and utensils apart, your fingers can be scratched by the sharp edge of the knife while retrieving them from the dishwasher.

Chef knives should not be put inside the dishwasher instead hand wash them in the sink using warm water and soap. A few swipes with a wet cloth or sponge will also clean your knife and leave it sharp and sparkling clean.