how to sharpen meat cleaver

How to Sharpen a Meat Cleaver

The successful sharpening of a cleaver depends on the style. Meat cleavers are distinctively different, therefore, sharpening techniques also vary. (See more: the best cleavers for your money that people are talking about) A slightly

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why bread knives are serrated

Why are Bread Knives Serrated?

Bread knives are serrated because of many reasons. First and foremost, the serrated blade increases the real cutting surface of the knife. The teeth of the serrated bread knife-edge pierce the surface of anything that

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why are steak knives serrated

Why are Steak Knives Serrated?

There are several reasons why most steak knives are serrated. Below are some of these reasons: Blades that are serrated have edges that are less exposed and hollows as compared to the straight knives. It

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can you bring chef knives on a plane

Can You Bring Chef Knives On a Plane?

Generally, a traveler is not allowed to bring chef knives on airplanes. Based on the guidelines of Transportation Security Administration (TSA), travelers can just pack knives, Swiss army knives, chef knives and pocketknives in your

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