Chicago Cutlery Armitage Review: Should You Invest In It Or Not?

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Chicago Cutlery has for many decades designed and developed high-end knife sets.

The brand offers knives with exceptional quality and reliable designs for home use.

The best thing about the Chicago Cutlery Armitage knife set is that it features unique and versatile knives that come in handy during food preparation in the kitchen.

This 4-knife set comes with multi-purpose serrated blades that provide for a wide range of cutting, slicing, and chopping tasks in the kitchen.


  1. Ergonomically designed handle
  2. Well-balanced for easy control
  3. Ultra-sharp blades for easy cutting
  4. Solid construction for durability
  5. Stainless full-tang construction


  1. Slips on greasy hands


All the blades in this Chicago Cutlery Armitage knife set are superiorly designed and made from the best quality steel.

The black wood in these knives is double riveted for a stable stance, strength, and solidness.

The handles are ergonomic and offer a natural grip for precise and accurate control.

These beautiful dual-riveted steel handles exhibit the best resistance against wear and tear.

The black scratch-resistant finish on the handles retains the unique appearance and overall décor of the blades for a long time.

Bonus tip: Avoid holding these handles on oily hands.

This is because steel handles are prone to slipping easily compared to wood and plastic handles.

Weight and balance

Just like other Chicago Cutlery knives, the blades in the Armitage knife set to feature a forged design that provides for perfect weight and balance.

These knives feel light in the hands thereby allowing for the best control and precision especially when slicing through delicate food.

The excellent balance of the knives also allows for easy handling and control for all users including the inexperienced ones.

The bolster in the middle of every knife in the set also enhances the overall control of the knives.


Chicago Cutlery knives are expressly durable and reliable.

These blades are designed to provide you with the best service throughout their lifespan.

The overall construction of the knives is sturdy to provide the best resistance against wear and tear.

Additionally, the blades in this knife-set are cushioned against corrosion, rust, and reaction from different food types.

It is worth noting that the knives in this set are thick, solid, and sturdy.

Sharpness and edge retention

The exclusive and unique Taper Grind Edge technology employed by Chicago Cutlery during the design and construction of the Armitage knife set guarantees the unique sharpness of the knives.

This technology ensures that the blades are ultra-sharp and remain sharp for a long time.

This saves you the trouble of having to sharpen your knife after every few weeks.

The serrations on the blades are sharp right from the box and as such, you can use the knives immediately.

For the best cutting, slicing, and chopping experience, you should hone the blades at least once or twice every week.

Ease of cleaning

The seamless connection between the handles and blades in this knife set provides for easy hand washing.

You just need to use a piece of cotton cloth and a mild soap/detergent to clean the blades after use.

It is advisable that you do not wash your blades in a dishwasher.

This is because a collision with other utensils in the dishwasher can cause damages to the blade and even the handles.

The Armitage knife set is a great choice for beginners who are trying out their hand in preparing new recipes.

The knives are easy to handle and provide superb control for precise and accurate cutting.

Overall customer feedback

Generally, Chicago Cutlery blades have amazing recognition and reputation in the market.

The Armitage knife set by this brand is not different in any way.

The knife set is designed to provide the best cutting and slicing experience even when cutting through soft and delicate foods like bread.

Users have it that the knife set is a great choice for people shopping for a reliable knife set on a tight budget.


All the knives in this set are full-tang and hence are incredibly sharp.

Additionally, the blades are resistant to rusting and corrosion.

The brand has unique blades and knives that promise to deliver beyond your expectations.

Invest in this set today to enjoy a unique cutting experience just like professional chefs.

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Last Updated on February 8, 2021

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