Dalstrong Fillet Knife Review: Could It Be A Good Choice For You?

Quick summary: The Dalstrong 6.5” Phantom Series fillet knife is a perfect blade for home cooks and professional chefs. Over the years, the brand has done exceptionally well in terms of enhancing build quality and using the latest cutting edge technology in designing their blades. With this knife, you can be assured that boning and filleting will be effortlessly easy to accomplish.


  1. Flexible blade for boning and filleting
  2. Superb edge retention
  3. Non-slip handle
  4. Corrosion and rust-resistant blade
  5. Curved blade for easy maneuverability


  1. The handle may seemingly appear small for chefs used to massive handles
dalstrong phantom boning & fillet knife

Dalstrong Fillet Knife – 6.5″ – Phantom Series

“This professional-grade blade gives you more than you bargain for.”

Product highlights:

  • Razor sharp
  • Honed by experts craftsman
  • Full-tang construction
  • Black Spanish pakkawood handle

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Dalstrong Power

All Dalstrong products have two unique common features; power and precision. The ultra-sharp (AUS-10V) Japanese steel cutting core has a Rockwell Hardness of 62+. This provides for extraordinary edge retention and unique performance. The best thing about this blade hardness is that it makes it possible to cut through hard and massive carcasses when deboning.

There are 66 layers of superior high-carbon steel that provide exceptional strength, stain & corrosion resistance, durability, and reliability. The knife is well balanced with the precisely tapered cutting edge minimizing surface resistance when cutting. The 2mm thick blade consistently provides enough flex for following any contours when filleting and boning.

Engineered to meet every chef’s needs

Dalstrong focuses on designing knives that meet the needs and preferences of every chef. In line with this, the 6.5” filet knife is specially designed to be a useful and worthy addition in the kitchen. For starters, the ultra-premium handle in the knife is made using Spanish pakkawood material. The material is impervious to temperature changes thereby making it resistant to cold, heat, and moisture. In addition to this, the material also enhances the durability and longevity of the handle.

The ergonomic design of the handle provides excellent hand control, comfort, and agility. Therefore, even when using the knife for long sessions, you are not likely to strain your hand muscles. What is more about the handle is that it provides for accuracy especially when working with soft meat like poultry and fish fillet.

Perfectly balanced

The main reason why this Dalstrong Fillet knife is a favorite choice for top chefs is that it is perfectly balanced. This means that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the blade. As such, you do not need to exert excessive force and effort when boning or filleting. The narrow tip of the cutting edge tears through meat easily and also provides for enhanced maneuverability.

The masterful design of this knife makes it double as a santoku knife. The narrow cutting edge allows you to move the blade easily around joints, skins, and bones when removing and separating delicate meats.

Phantom Series Sheath

Every Dalstrong fillet knife comes with a matching sheath that encloses the knife perfectly and has a clip that locks the blade into place. The sheath provides the blade with the best protection from damaging effects such as collision with other utensils. Additionally, the sheath also guarantees the safety of the chef so that it does not inflict cuts or injuries when lying around on a kitchen countertop.

Resilience and performance

The ruthlessly sharp edge in the knife is hand-finished professionally within an 8-12 degree angle range on each side. As such, with the blade, you need not worry about the blade getting damaged when you are cutting through tough meat types. Also, the unique blade sharpness ensures that you do not exert too much force and pressure when boning and fileting meat.

The full tang of the blade provides superb robustness and resilience when using the knife. The performance of the knife is one of the best among other knives in its league. Needless to say, the knife is easy to handwash. It is recommendable that you never wash the blade in a dishwasher.

Overall customer feedback

Generally, Dalstrong knives are favorite choices for most chefs including amateur chefs. This fillet knife is a perfect choice for beginners and inexperienced cooks. The ease of handling of the blade, robustness, and unique performance are some of the attributes that most people like about this fillet knife. In addition to this, the perfect control of the blade allows chefs to cut through different meat types with ease and accuracy.

Other people who have used the knife for long like the fact that the edge is quite easy to sharpen. You do not need to take the blade to a professional sharpener as you can sharpen it easily using standard sharpeners such as whetstones and electric sharpeners.

Seasoned chefs have it that this Dalstrong knife is arguably one of the blades that give you great value for your money. This is because the blade holds well against wear and tear. According to chefs who have used the blade over the years, no knife that compares to it in terms of weight, control, and precision.

Great alternatives

If you want to see more options when it comes to Dalstrong fillet knives, I highly recommend you take a look at the following ones:

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You do not need to break your bank to own a highly-efficient and dependable fillet knife. This professional-grade blade gives you more than you bargain for. Therefore, if you are looking for a fillet knife that you can use for boning and filleting meat occasionally, this is the ideal blade for you.