Shun Classic Knife Set Review – A Close Look At One Of Shun’s Best Collections

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One of the best places to get a knife made in the entire world is Japan.

They have such a rich and complex history with blades that it’s easy to see why the Shun brand has skyrocketed in popularity in the past couple of years.

They make kitchen knives that are handcrafted in Japan with close attention to detail and quality.

And in this Shun Classic knife review, we’ll be looking at one of their Premier lines.

We’ll be diving deep into the details of this collection, so read on to learn more.


  • VG-Max cutting core
  • Comfortable Pakkawood handle
  • Beautiful Damascus pattern
  • Razor-sharp blades
  • Free sharpening


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Relatively expensive

A Review Of The Shun Classic Line

The Knives

Before anything, let’s take a look at the knives this collection has to offer.

If you opt for the 7-piece block set, you’ll get a 1-slot bamboo block, 3.5-inch paring knife, 6-inch utility knife, 8-inch chef’s knife, 9-inch bread knife, herb shears, and a combination honing steel.

These are about all the blades you’d need in a kitchen, and it also comes with a tool for sharpening and a great way to store them.

Having shears also opens up a whole lot more options when it comes to prepping.

And on top of all that, all of the knives are very high-quality and functional, which we’ll get into in more detail in the next section.


Now it’s time to look at the details of each of the blades.

They are all made with a VG-Max cutting core, which any connoisseur will tell you, is one of the best materials you can use for a knife’s core.

This is because the steel produces very tough and durable knives that will last you years on end.

On top of the core are 68 layers of Damascus steel, which is responsible for the beautiful finish of the blade, but also make for a very sharp edge that will cut through any ingredient with ease.

These are full-tang knives, which means they are very balanced, but that’s a feature that’s about expected from a collection in this price range.

The handles are made of Pakkawood and have a beautiful dark finish that gives the knives a classy aesthetic.

They are also rounded to make it easier for you to use and maneuver in the kitchen.


The designs of the products in this collection is one of the reasons it’s so popular amongst professionals and home cooks alike.

As mentioned earlier, this was crafted using Damascus steel, which is basically a series of layers of stainless steel over a hard core.

In the case of the Classic line, that’s 34 layers on each side.

Aside from making the knife very sharp and durable, it makes a beautiful pattern on the surface of the blade commonly called the Damascus Pattern.

This pattern, when paired with the dark-toned Pakkawood handle, results in a very classy looking knife which is very fitting, considering the name of the collection.

And if you decide to get the block set, it comes with a very beautiful bamboo knife block that matches the models very well.

So if you’re particular about aesthetics, this collection won’t disappoint.

The Edge

It’s time to look at one of the most scrutinized features of any blade collection: the edge.

For starters, this is a double-beveled collection.

That means all the blades have been ground on both sides, making it an ambidextrous knife.

Not only that, but it also means the blade can be a bit sharper and easier to use.

After the layers of steel are forged together, the knife is then sharpened to a very fine angle of 16-degrees.

For comparison, most Western chef knives come out of the box sharpened to an angle of around 20-degrees.

The reason the edges can be sharpened so fine is because of the superior construction of the knives that allow them to retain their durability, even if ground to such a fine edge.

This can also mean that sharpening the knife can be tricky, which is why we recommend sending your knives to Shun for free professional sharpening every now and then.

Overall Customer Reviews

Customers from all over have been very satisfied with this collection.

Professionals, hobbyists, and home cooks have all stood by the quality of these knives.

This is because they are constructed very well and with close attention to detail.

And while maintenance may be tough and they cost a bit more than usual, customers have said that it is worth every penny.


If you’ve been looking for a collection of knives that can make things faster and more professional in the kitchen, we highly recommend this collection.

All the pieces in this line are expertly made and have satisfied customers from all over.

Your search for a high-quality set of Japanese kitchen knives might have just ended with this collection.

If you’ve found that these knives suit all your kitchen needs, then the only thing left to do is head out and order one for yourself!

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Last Updated on May 11, 2021

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