How to Store Carving Knives in Your Kitchen the Right Way

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Carving knives should be stored in a dry place away from areas of high moisture and away from children. The knives can get rust if they are improperly placed or someone can get hurt with improper storage of carving knife. There are different ways of storing carving knives and all of these ways have some advantages and some disadvantages.

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Carving knives can be placed on the magnetic wall strip

It will make the knives are readily usable. They will save you some space and it will be easy to keep the knives clean. There is one disadvantage that kids can easily access the knives. If you have kids then this is not a good choice.

Wooden knives blocks are really inexpensive and easy to use in kitchens

But they will occupy more space and carving knives can get rust if you wash the knives and place in the block directly after that. Kids can easily get access to block so making it less safe.

Drawers are really good if you have a big kitchen and the drawers can be locked

It will be easy to get the knives from the drawer and it will not be easy for kids to get the knives from the drawer. Drawers can retain some moisture and there will be a chance that knives will get rust.

Special carving knives set box is really a good choice also

Especially if you are a perfectionist and want things to be really clean. By keeping the knives in a special box, kids can be saved from injury and placing them in that box after proper cleaning will discourage rust formation. There is the only drawback that these kind of boxes are really expensive and are used by some chefs who are really keen about their cooking.

We can conclude that whatever method is used for storing the carving knives, there are some advantages and there are some drawbacks. The choice depends upon the situation of the person who wants to store the knives.

Last Updated on February 6, 2021 by Andy Wang

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