How to Store Steak Knives in Your Kitchen

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Professionals and knife enthusiasts recommend that you store steak knives in an in-drawer knife block. These blocks usually sit flat in a drawer and allow cooks to safely store their knives without worrying about corrosion or damage.

Steak knives are key pieces in any knife collection.

They are staples in most place settings and are very useful for slicing cooked meat.

Since steak knives are critical in a proper place setting, it’s highly recommended to store them properly when not in use.

Storing your steak knives keeps them safe from corrosion and damage to the edge that results in the knives losing their sharpness.

There are tons of different steak knives out there made by different manufacturers, but all of these require proper storage to ensure they stay sharp for years to come.

In this article, we check out some of the best ways to store steak knives safely and effectively.

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Use in-drawer knife block

This is another option to store the steak knives in the tray. The drawer of the parts drawer and the knife cut block, the knife blocks of drawers are equipped with openings to install the knives of different sizes and install flat in the drawer.

They offer protection and a way to store your knives off-site. The downside is that they are not effectively used for stair space and may not accommodate all the knives

Use knife guards

You can also use knife guards or kitchen knife sheaths for protection. The sheath or guard function resembles more sleeves that slip on the blade of the knife. While they will prevent damage or injury, they are often difficult to clean, can trap moisture, dirt, or harbor bacteria.


Use the wall-mounted magnetic strip

Another option for storing steak knives is magnetic tape mounted on the wall. This alternative has many advantages.

The magnetic tapes are healthy and can carry a large number of knives, and as long as the magnet is strong enough to handle the weight, there are no restrictions.

However, this option is best for anyone who has space in his kitchen to decrease traffic to avoid accidentally worsening the tape

having stored properly, steak knives are like regular cutlery, and apart from giving them proper maintenance by keeping them clean, you should also keep them safe when not in use so as not to ruin their physical appearance and keep them fresh.

Do not keep it hanging when it’s not in use because it might be harmful to someone and if you’re still thinking about the right way to store it, try looking for a magnetic shelf or safe drawer right next to your kitchen.

Last Updated on October 11, 2021

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