How to Use Carving Knives the Right Way

So are you wondering what a carving knife is or how to use it? A carving knife is a knife with a long and narrow blade. A carving knife is mainly used for carving ham or a leg of a lamb and poultry.

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A carving knife is slightly thinner than a chef’s knife, this enables it to cutter more precise slices. The pointed tip can also be used for cutting meat along a board.

We are going to show you how to use a carving knife below:

– Ensure that your carving knife is long enough thus you will not need to saw your meat back and forth. Ensure it’s longer than the item you intend to slice.

– Before using your carving knife, ensure it is sharp. A sharp carving knife need not intimidate you or scare you. The sharper the carving knife, the thinner the meat slices you get.

– Hold your meat using a carving fork and start to slice from top to bottom carefully to avoid injury. The knife should not be facing you but face away from you.

– You can also use a carving knife to cut very large pieces of roast meat like ham. Use a carving fork to hold your ham in place. Always start from the top to the middle. Then slice it across to ensure a thin slice of meat.

Factors to consider before buying a carving knife

Before you buy a carving you will need to consider the following factors:

1. The manufacturer

Only buy from reputable manufacturers to ensure meat safety.

2. Handle

Go for an ergonomic handle that is also properly fixed to avoid kitchen accidents.

3. The blade

Of course, you will need a long and sharp blade. The blade should also be removable making it easy to clean.

4. Read reviews

Before you buy your carving knife read reviews from people who have used carving knives.

This will save you a lot of money and agony as you will know beforehand what your carving knife will be able to do.

5. Cost

Consider your budget having in mind that an expensive carving is not necessarily exceptional. Just go for the carving knife which will not dent your pocket.

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