What Is A Buck Knife Used For?

A buck knife usually refers to a folding locked-blade knife.

If you don’t know its origin, it bears the same name as the company – Buck Knives – which originally introduced the Model 110 Folding Hunter Knife.

It was a best seller and still a famous choice up to this time.

The history

Since the name comes from the name of the company that produces it, it is fitting to know about a brief history about them.

It all started with a 13-year-old Hoyt Buck, a blacksmith apprentice in Kansas that made experiments on improving quality.

Due to Pearl Harbor in 1941, he started making knives using worn field blades when he was no longer listed in the Navy.

The scarcity of knives became an opportunity for him to produce hand-made knives for the military.

With his son Al, they set up a shop named H.H.

Buck & Son in their home in 1947.

When he died in 1949, Hoyt’s son took over the shop and become incorporated in 1961.

The Model 110 was launched in 1964.

Its success made the word ‘buck’ a common term for folding locked-blade knives.

If you own a Buck knife, you don’t just own the model itself, but also a piece of its history.

What is it?

A buck knife is generally a folding locked-blade knife, that is usually paired with a leather sheath popular with bikers and hunters.

The original model sold in the market today is a classic one with a blade of about 9.5 cm and folds easily inside the 12.4 cm handle.

It has a button for the lock system on the top edge of the corner (near the wrist of the user) that will release the blade when it is in a folding position.

The same button will also help the user to close the blade.

With its popularity, other manufacturers have followed too.

This kind of blade is referred to as an EDC or Everyday Carry.

Being tagged for daily use, they are designed to be lightweight, easy (and safe) to carry, yet durable.

Knifemakers have made different variations in the materials used for the blade and handle.

It now comes in different blade shapes, materials, and sizes –  and for sure there will be something that would fit your needs and budget.

It is important to know that some states have a law on carrying pocket knives.

For example, in California, it is illegal to carry a blade that is longer than 2 1/2 inches on school grounds.

In buying these knives, make sure to consider local laws and see the regulations imposed in owning them.

What is it used for?

Being ideal for use with everyday situations, buck knives can be used wherever it seems fit.

Use it to open the mail or package, or even use it to hang clothes in public restrooms.

It has hundreds of uses with its versatility and size.

This is also a perfect choice for camping and fishing.

It can be used for splitting firewood, filleting a fish, and slicing foods and vegetables.

Though swiss knives are multifunctional, carrying a buck knife can do more with its locking mechanism and a bigger blade.

This is also a good hunting knife, as the original Model 110 is originally made for.

It can be used for slicing meat or dividing animal carcasses with soft bones.

If you are fond of doing outdoor activities, make sure to buy the best size that will fit your needs.

Make sure to ask the seller if the folding locked-blade you prefer is up to hard use too, as some knives may not be able to withstand abuse and can cause the blade to chirp.

Some professionals need to carry one in the line of their work, such as firefighters or paramedics.

Being very accessible because of its size, it will be helpful when needed in emergency situations.

It can be used to help trapped people and animals in certain materials such as ropes or seatbelts or to tear down the clothing of someone who is having difficulty in breathing.

Where to buy it?

Surprisingly, if you try to buy a ‘buck knife’ or ‘folding knife’ online, you can come across some major retailers and hypermarkets selling this item.

You can choose from a wide range of brands and check with other retailers for the best prices, as some offer free shipping or discount coupons.

You can also buy from online marketplaces which will give you more competitive pricing.

However, be careful about buying online in general.

Some might be counterfeits or use substandard materials, especially for this kind of knife that involves a locking mechanism.

Read thoroughly reviews given by other buyers or check the manufacturer’s website for full information.


A Buck knife came from its American roots and became the famous icon that has a folding lock-blade system.

Perfect for everyday use, this product can also save lives and help those in need.

It is also perfect for emergency use, considering how easy it is to bring with you everywhere.

If you are looking for what is the best EDC (everyday carry) knife for beginners, we think that this is the best one to start with.

Last Updated on July 22, 2021 by Andy Wang

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