What Is A Credit Card Knife Used For?

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Have you ever seen the knife with the shape of the credit card?

If not, then you must be aware that not all credit cards are actually credit cards, instead, most of them can be knives!

Although there apparently seems to be no connection between the two things, you will be surprised to know that there exist knives that take the shape of credit cards when folded.

Want to know more?

Read on to know more about this insidious form of weapon.

What is it?

It is a wallet-size knife whose design perfectly resembles a credit card.

Their use has remained very controversial right after their invention.

When someone moves around with this knife in the pocket, he/she is considered as a person with a criminal mentality.

Is it illegal?

In Australian airports, anyone who carries this will receive serious penalties.

However, primarily keeping these knives was not illegal, only the wrong or criminal use was prohibited.

With time, people start keeping them with criminal intentions and after carefully observing this trend, the governments of different countries start taking action.

Nowadays, these knives are not publicly available and you can never imagine having one of any size at the checkpoint.

If you want to know more about this subject, you should read the rules regarding the use of these knives in your country.

How about in Canada?

It is no secret that Canada is the home to foreigners and people from all over the world visit Canada for educational and employment purposes.

Thus, overcrowding and frequent airline usage are not a big deal.

If you are also planning to visit Canada and do not know about the rules, then you should stick around.

In the West, they are being considered smart tools and are getting increasingly popular.

The major reason why people prefer them over traditional pocket knives or foldable knives is that they can easily fit into your pockets.

On the other hand, no matter how compact and portable the knives are, you cannot fit the pocket knife into the wallet.

After you fold the knife, it looks like a 2-dimensional thin credit card.

But this story has another side as well.

The knife, which initially looks like a credit card, can turn into a killer and cruel tool when you unfold it.

To make a long story short., let’s find out whether or not these knives are illegal in Canada.

These are also illegal in Canada especially when you conceal them or hide them in your wallet, however, if you can keep them following the safety rules and do not conceal having these knives, you can keep it with you under specific circumstances.

Basically, these knives are illegal under the Criminal Code Of Canada, so you should have a very strong reason to explain if you want to move around with these knives in Canada.

Basically, the legal rules of Canada only allow carrying knives that can be used as a tool such as hunting knives at the time of hunting, dinner knives when you are in the restaurant, etc.

But if you think you should keep a knife with you for self-defense purposes or any knife that can reveal the intention of harming anyone, you cannot use or keep such a knife when you are in Canada.

What is it used for?

Though the major use is for survival purposes, still many people often consider them a great alternative to pocket knives.

And it makes sense.

When your pocket is already loaded with your wallet, your phone, and other such stuff, you cannot afford to keep a separate pocket knife all the time.

With its use, you can easily and conveniently move around and enjoy lightweight tools.

So the strict rules and always regarding the use of these knives have created confusion among the people who wanted to use them for utility purposes.

However, the good news is that it may not be prohibited in your country, so it is better to check out the laws and rules regarding the use of these knives in your area.

By the way, it seems really a smart idea to have such a smart knife that looks like a credit card.

Final Verdict

A credit card knife is an ultra-thin and ultra-smart knife that can easily fit into your wallet and always keeps you prepared for utility tasks.

If you have checked the security rules regarding the use of these knives, now you should start finding them in the market.

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