What Is A Flipper Knife Used For?

If you love watching action movies, you might have already come across a folding knife used in the action scenes where it opens automatically.

Well, that is called a Flipper Knife – and there is more to it than just being used as a weapon.

What is it?

From its name, a Flipper knife is a type of folding knife that ‘flips’ to open.

There are two types: the one where it opens with a two-handed operation and the assisted one.

The two-handed operation uses the same way that swiss knives are opened.

You would need one hand to pull the blade and open it to the full extent while using the other hand to keep the handle in place while opening.

The assisted one features a spring system beneath the handle that has a ‘rapid deployment opening system’ when flicked or pushed aggressively.

It is perfect for one-handed use as it can be opened with one hand (even with one finger!).

Both of them would need manual assistance in closing by pushing the blade back inside the handle.

Flipper knives come in different sizes, including the tallness or shortness of the blade.

You may also buy from a wide range of knives with a variety of colors and materials used for the handle.

The most common color is black, but some manufacturers now create different colors like orange or blue.

Some even with printed designs, to make it more fun to carry for daily use.

Some flipper knives are a built-in belt buckle or loopholes in their handle or sheaths.

Some of them have a hole in the handle, that will be perfect when carrying with a carabiner or string in the bag.

What is it used for?

This blade is a great all-around utility pocket tool.

It is perfect for EDC (everyday carry) due to its size and convenience.

It is a practical and essential tool that can help you in different situations in daily life.

Open your mail, peel apples, and even slice them!

You may also use it for emergencies.

However, consider the blade’s thickness before proceeding with any activity.

Most blades seen on Flipper knives are not that thick, and could not withstand hard use.

It can still save lives in some ways, like performing a cricothyroidotomy (making an incision in the neck and placing a tube, when a person can’t breathe due to a blocked windpipe).

Being small and foldable, flipper knives are a great help when it comes to self-defense.

There are police officers who choose this as a secondary weapon.

It is easy to carry and can be hidden in plain sight because of the size.

However, check your local state laws concerning knife ownership.

There are places where carrying concealed weapons is not allowed and could get you into trouble.

Honestly, its main purpose is to cut or slice.

So any activity that would involve cutting or slicing, considering the size and thickness of the blade, can be done with a flipper knife.

What should you choose?

If you found yourself overwhelmed with the number of flipper knives to choose from, start first with your purpose.

Do not buy something just because the majority prefer to have it over the other.

Remember that this is a knife, and you should be comfortable with the model that you are choosing.

Check the blade used as some may not be appropriate to your preferred use.

Know what mechanism would be better for you.

Purchase the one that you will find easier for you to use.

For example, if you prefer a one-handed operation when opening, choose the assisted one with a spring open mechanism.

Aside from the mechanism, it is also important to consider the handle.

Check the material used, as some models may slip into your hands and cause you injury.

Some users forget to consider how important the handle is in the overall use of the knife.

There are models that do not offer anti-slip grip, which makes it cheaper than the others.

If you can’t really decide on what to buy, some review sites also cover a comparison of different models.

It may help you weigh the pros and cons of those models that you are considering buying.

Some enthusiast shares their knowledge on YouTube, which can be easier with you to picture the model that you would like to purchase.

Maintenance tips

Just like a regular household cutters, the blade of a flipper knife can be sharpened with a whetstone or a honing rod.

There are also available pocket sharpeners made specifically for flipper knives.

Just don’t sharpen it too hard, the blades can wear off! (Plus, you may be scratching the handle in the rough surface too.)

When talking about taking care of the knife, most people would think of sharpening the blade alone.

When talking about flipper knives, it is important to consider the handle too.

This one can be opened with one hand operation, and having a slippery or broken handle can cause accidents or serious injury.

Consider checking the handles every now and then to ensure safety.

Where to buy one?

Its popularity being one of the preferred choices for an everyday carry knife makes it easy to buy in most retailers.

Aside from specialty stores, you may also find flipper knives in hunting gear shops or in regular department stores carrying knives.

If you want more options to choose from, you may go online shopping.

As mentioned, there is a lot of variations made with this knife.

However, the original buck knife model 110 and those with similar designs are still available in many knife sellers.

Always make sure to read the descriptions or check buyer reviews to make sure you are buying the one with good quality.

Last Updated on July 22, 2021 by Andy Wang

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