What Is A Paring Knife Used For?

The paring knife is a type of knife mainly used for small utilities like peeling fruits.

The blade of this type of knife has a length of 3 to 3.5 inches.

The blades are quite sharp and agile. Though small, it is quite a mighty tool for kitchen work.

The paring knife is one of the popular and most frequently used knives by the chefs in the kitchen.

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Different Ways To Use Paring Knives

what you use paring knives for

There are different ways in which you can use the paring knives. Some of the methods are:

#1: Slicing: Since the blades of these paring knives are quite sharp, they are perfect for slicing and peeling fruits.

It can also slice the tougher ones like sweet potatoes easily.

#2: Peeling: When it comes to peeling the skins of the potatoes or apples before cooking or eating, paring knives can be the best one.

They have very sharp edges and make the peeling quite easy.

You will get a quicker and cleaner result.

Even fruits with thick skin like citrus fruits can be easily peeled off by this knife.

#3: Fine works: Often the paring knife is used for fine close works that your large knives can’t do.

Fine works may include removing the top of fruits by twisting the knife.

A large knife can make it messier and ruin the whole thing.

Tips To Use Paring Knife

Here are some great tips to use the paring knives for peeling:

Place the knife below your index finger and place the edge down to peel the skin of the fruits.

Place the fruits on the cutting board and slide the paring knife straight down to cut the fruits or veggies.

When cutting the top of the fruits, use the tip of the blade. Slide it through the top for removing the hull.

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