Why Do Meat Cleavers Have a Hole?

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Traditionally heavy cleavers were hung for safety and ease of access.

The hook ensures that the blade is not only under control but also provides easy access when hung at a higher height. However, the hole is not meant to reduce the weight or to prevent the meat from sticking since it’s too small and very far from the cutting edge.

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Apart from hanging, it’s also meant to insert your finger and pull it free when cutting through something such as frozen meat.

The cleaver does not get stuck on frozen meat alone but also the bone. Since a clever is only used to cut the carcass into a smaller parts.

It’s usually hanged because it doesn’t have any use once the carcass has been separated. Remember, since cleavers are big knives they do not easily fit in knife magnet or drawer.

Why use a cleaver?

While most people do not do their own butchering, a meat cleaver is a very good investment for a number of reasons.

For instance, apart from being economical, they can help you with your grocery budget. As you’ve realized, poultry and meat that’s cut and dressed by the butcher tend to be a bit expensive than the uncut sections.

With a good cleaver, you can cut down your poultry, separate the ribs, crack the bones and chop through the bones.

You can also use the spine and the flat of the blade to flatten chicken thighs and tenderize the cutlets. Although this can be cumbersome, some people will even use the cleaver to mince fresh meat. More so, you don’t even have to possess special skills to use a cleaver.

You can easily swing them like a hatchet or hammer and produce the force needed. Even if you are a vegetarian you can still benefit from this unique tool. You can use it to quickly cut hard squash, large melons, and even chop whole coconuts.

Last Updated on May 12, 2021 by Andy Wang

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