Why Do My Steak Knives Rust?

We use many tools in our kitchen and steak knives are one of the most used tools. They are so useful that we should take extra care when it comes to their use as rust can make them difficult to handle. There are many reasons why the steak knives rust and some of them are given below.

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Pit corrosion

It is the leading cause of steak knives rusting. It is mostly happening near the sharp edge of a knife. A small scratch can initiate the oxidation reaction and can cause the knife to rust at that specific place.

Keeping in humidity

The second cause of knives rust is keeping knives in humidity and especially when people put the steak knives in the dishwasher. In the dishwasher, it will be exposed to water for a long period of time so making it easy for rust to make its place on the knife.

Leaving knife in the sink

It is seen due to many tasks that are needed to be done in the kitchen, the knife is placed in the sink for a long time so that it can be washed after the food is cooked. This can cause knives to rust.

Not sharpening the knife

This point is most important as sharpening can also prevent pit corrosion. If the knife is sharpened properly and sharpening is done at regular intervals then the knife will not get pit corrosion as most of the times there will be no pit left after sharpening.

Not caring for a small rusty area

It is easy to ignore a very small spot of rust on the knife but this is a big mistake. Once there is even a small spot of rust on the knife, it should be dealt on an urgent basis as rust will become a catalyst for further rusting of the knife. A small spot of rust especially the pit corrosion rust should be taken care of in order to save the steak knives from further rusting.

Last Updated on March 31, 2021 by Andy Wang

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